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Question: As executor of my loved one's estate, I am responsible for the task of dealing with his computer and his online life. I know he had email and dozens of accounts on all kinds of websites. Do we have to do anything to shut them down or does that happen automatically? I've also heard that a person's identity can be stolen after they've passed. Is this true? He had a will, but could his children's inheritance be at risk? How do I manage all this? I don't know where to begin.



Answer: Being given the responsibility of managing the computer and Internet life of a loved one who has passed away is a very solemn, important, yet surprisingly complex task. If you have not been given specific instructions, it may require a forensic investigation to be able to uncover the information you need. You need to determine the scope of the task in order to complete the process of protecting your loved one's privacy and personal data.


Unless you have gone through this experience yourself, it is difficult to appreciate the difficulty of this process. It cannot be delayed for weeks or months; the tasks must be completed promptly. It would be best to prepare for the inevitable while everyone is alive and in sound health. There isn't always the opportunity to tie up loose ends. Regrettably, any heir who did not plan ahead in this way wished they had. That is where compuKarma can help.


To begin, it is important to shut down all of his accounts; they are vulnerable because... READ MORE


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