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Michelle asks: Hi Steven, How are you? I was referred to you thinking you may be able to answer a vendor site scanning question I have. I have just developed a site with e-commerce and can either go with Trustwave which scans monthly or McAfee which scans daily. I am not sure if McAfee is overkill or a really good idea and conversely if Trustwave scans more than enough or leaves a risk. Can a breach happen within a month if at the start of the month, there were no vulnerabilities? My programmer advised me but I am interested in a second opinion. I understand if you do not give out advise to people that are not your clients, but thought I should try since my friend so adamantly recommended you. Best Regards!


Answer: Hi Michelle. Consider these scenarios:

> would you feel “safer” if you had to take your shoes off at the airport every 100 feet rather than once at the first security checkpoint? In fact, is taking off your shoes once or 100 times contributing to the safety of your flight? You just want to get on your flight and get home.

> If you installed a fancy alarm system and security gates and cameras at your elderly parents’ house, would they be “safe” if your mother is forgetful and leaves the front door unlocked or your father doesn’t ever set the alarm when he goes out?


Computer security is also like that. A lot of so-called security firms... READ MORE


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