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Question: My husband and I were doing everything right. We limited the kids' television when they were small. We encouraged them to play outside like we did. When we did let them on the Internet, they used the computer in the family room that everyone uses and we could see the screen from the kitchen. Everything was working well and we felt like we were in control. But then my in-laws bought them both laptops for the holidays! They're only 8 and 10. The little one does everything the older one does. How can I protect my children? I had no idea my in-laws were planning this or I would have tried to stop them. How will I be able to keep tabs on my children if they can take these laptops anywhere?



Rest assured, at compuKarma, many of our clients are parents and share the same concerns. We like to think of this issue as having two major components: the parenting component and the technical component. We can advise on the parenting component, but it sounds like you've already gotten that part well under control. You are the parents, and you still have the right to set boundaries for your children until they are at least 18 years old. Technology shouldn't be allowed to erase centuries of common sense. You maintain control over what your children do in your sight and beyond it. That's good news.


While the technical component is a little easier than the parenting part, each one brings its challenges. Similar to our computer security practices, we... READ MORE


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