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Your most important asset is your data. There are two ways to protect your data – backups, which you use every day, and archives, which store the history of your business for business continuity and disaster recovery. Ironically, backup and archiving are the most overlooked procedures in most businesses. We all have heard examples of losing or breaking a phone or computer and with it, losing precious information. Many telecommunications companies now try to convince their customers to rely solely on their cloud-based solutions, and recent revelations about our privacy prove how precarious those solutions are.


During Hurricane Sandy in 2012, a number of our clients along the coast in New York were severely impacted. Using our Business Continuity resources, we helped these clients resume their businesses quickly. Our Disaster Recovery procedures ensured not a single piece of data was lost or compromised. With our help, you can always maintain maximum control of your data, whether it is on a disc, tape, memory stick, or trustworthy cloud service. compuKarma uses a combination of techniques to secure your data, ensuring that you never lose your most important asset.