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At compuKarma, we don’t just come to your home or place of business, do our work, and leave. We continue to work with you – to maintain a supportive relationship with you and your technology. We persevere in serving you long after we complete the first task that you assign to us. Not only is compuKarma vigilant in ensuring that your systems are secure and up-to-date – we also stand by you in dealing with whatever crisis may arise. With your permission, we complete system updates for your systems and networks during off-peak hours, allowing us to monitor your environment and find problems before you do; we perform this service for free.


So that you may experience happiness when interacting with your technology, we will tailor a maintenance plan based on your needs to bring good karma to your systems and networks – based on a quarterly, bi-monthly or monthly basis. Our clients on retainer enjoy the following additional benefits:
> 4-hour response time during normal business operation hours
> training seminars for all employees on key technologies, both messaging and social media, and specific applications critical to your business
> priority access to new technology introduced into the workplace