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When you signed on to allow computers and technology into your business world and your personal life, you expected them to be tools that make the things that you do more efficient and less error-prone. They were supposed to free you to fulfill your creative pursuits and business goals. You did not sign on to worry about cable modems, server upgrades, a hundred passwords or version compatibility. Whether a corporate environment or a home office, the underlying infrastructure plays a huge role in making your technology meet your needs, determining whether you can focus all your energy on what is important to you.


We have devised a broad category of solutions for our customers’ needs. Depending on the size of your company and your unique technology requirements, we will determine the most cost-effective configuration to ensure fast and secure access to highly reliable and highly available resources. While some IT vendors try to force their one-size-fits-all solutions onto every client, compuKarma develops customized solutions for each client, all while proactively monitoring the environment to vigilantly protect against break-ins and security vulnerabilities.