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With so much technology in our lives, and owner’s manuals for every device growing larger and more complex every day, how do you make your technology work for you? Just when we think we have mastered the technology we have, new devices come along and force us to learn a new way of doing things.


> When you're faced with this challenge, do you sit down with the book and go through it page by page? Most of us do not. There are hundreds, maybe thousands of features, and we only need master a dozen or two of them.


> Do you start the tutorial, learn enough to become dangerous, and hope that you somehow figure out the rest along the way? We have all done that when we had no other choice.


> Or do you find yourself doing things the “wrong” way even though you know there is a right way that you just don't know?


Sometimes you need help to become effective – a personal trainer for your technology no less than for your fitness regimen. At compyKarma, we can train anyone because we understand technology and the learning process. We will spend as much time with you as necessary, creating tailored flat-rate plans to meet your training needs. Our boundless patience and perseverance will ensure you establish control over your technology.