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A business can be destroyed if payroll or accounts-receivable information is compromised. Valuable personal data comes in all forms: tax returns, family photos, contact lists, resumes, cover letters and cherished electronic correspondenceā€¦ the list is endless. We learn of data breaches at a large corporation that impacts millions of customers regularly. Real concern about this problem can negatively impact your productivity.


And yet, there are some companies who never experience these troubling issues, demonstrating that effective security implementations do exist. Using rational policies along with reasonable concurrent security mechanisms, including regular audits, our clients are significantly less likely to experience a data breach. At compuKarma, we use the most reliable mechanisms in the industry to protect you and your information. More important than focusing on tools to clean up a mess, we design your environment to proactively keep malicious content from entering in the first place. We work with you to prevent problems before they can occur, rather than reacting to problems that should have been avoided. Secure in the knowledge that you are being protected, compuKarma will keep you safe.