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Confronting new technology can be a particularly intimidating kind of change. We now face dozens of such choices every day. Can you use a tablet where you previously used a computer? You just became comfortable with using a laptop, and now you are being told tablets are the future. Tablets have their place in business, but they cannot be used to replace a traditional computer. Are you ready to upgrade your phone to a smart device? Your mobile carrier has 50 smartphones to choose from. Have you ever asked for advice choosing between Apple and Android devices? Most folks just tell you what they like, which may be irrelevant.


All too often, we don’t know whether we made the right technology choice until after we are forced to live with it for awhile, and then it is too late to correct it without experiencing a major disruption along with exorbitant costs. compuKarma helps you through each selection process, focusing on your needs and observing how you work to make the best choice for you. We never inflict pre-ordained solutions on you; rather, we work with you to understand how you use your technology now and help you determine your future needs. This ensures we succeed in finding the best solution for you.