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These are the simple steps to take:

  • 1. We accept Paypal. PayPal accepts credit cards. Call them to set up your PayPal account at +1.888.221.1161. (outside USA please call +1.402.935.2050)
  • 2. Call compuKarma at +1.917.584.4317 and first establish a connection to a human being. We will determine if we can immediately start the call.
  • 3. Click here to download the TeamViewer program, and run it on your computer. It will install this software and prepare your machine for secure remote access.
  • 4. You will see an image similar to the one on the right, with Your ID and Password.
  • 5. Provide this information to us over the phone to verify the connection.
  • 6. Once we know we can establish a connection, choose a session length and make your payment to get help NOW!

  • Get Help NOW!

TeamViewer Window